TRAVEL Essentials | The Packing Guide | Cabin Luggage | It Starts With Food

I was thinking to upload a post about my packing guide because over this next year I will be traveling a lot and I’ve already started to get questions about my travel essentials, so why not make a post all about it, I mean it’s only a few…8 hours of travelling each time.

Over many years of traveling I’ve learned that there is really no need to pack too many items. Half of the things I used to pop in my hand luggage I never even touched or looked at, such as dozens of magazines and extra shoes or an extra traveling outfit LOL. I’ve also realised how uncomfortable it is having to travel with so many items, I mean I’m not dealing with a sore shoulder or just say if there are any delays I’m not keen on running to the gate with so much baggage.

So here goes, my essential items I always pack in my hand luggage, also I thought to suggest some cabin baggage, as so many of you suggested some decent ones on Instagram (Thank you), I thought perhaps this may help anyone who will be travelling in the future.

It starts off with food. I literally live to indulge into a variety of different snacks, it’s such a bad habit but I get hungry so easily and I grudge getting food at the airport or on the plane, it costs a fortune. There are always people questioning whether or not you can have certain foods in your hand luggage and don’t worry you can, which can be sandwiches, cereal, cookies, crisps and biscuits are all foods you can take as long as they are wrapped/sealed. Here are the foods I’ve got in my hand luggage. I’ll be taking a bag of crisps, sandwiches, nuts and some chewing gum.

I also like traveling with a mini beauty kit, mainly on long journeys. To either cleanse, touch up my make-up or even to treat my skin as my skin reacts so badly to the recycled air you get on a plane, so I try and hydrate it as much as possible. Here is what I’ve included in my beauty kit:

  • Clear Toiletry Bag – This helps me at airport security, basically saves me having to switch it over when I get to the airport.
  • Liz Earl Travel Cleansing Kit – As well as using this on the plane, I will also be using it while I’m away traveling. This has everything you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise. I usually do a little make-up when I’m at the airport, but once I’m on the plane, I settle myself down wash my face and pop on a sheet mask. This is only for long flights, for short flights I don’t normally wear make-up.
  • Hydration & Hyaluronic Sheet Mask – I love a good sheet mask, it just feels so good on your skin. I will be taking 2 along with me. One for the flight there and one for the flight back because my skin can’t deal with the air on the plane. I decided to go for a hydration one for the way there and then a hyaluronic one for the way back to rejuvenate my skin for the way back.
  • I’ve also got a little make-up kit. I’ve got a concealer, tinted moisturiser, eyebrow shadow, bronzer, mascara and a little highlighter. I may not even use any make-up but I like to make an effort and feel refreshed. I’ve also packed my MOA lip balm, it’s probably the most moisturising lip balm.
  • Hair Brush & hair tie – I have extremely long hair and I always like to keep a spare hair brush and bobble to make sure my hair stays in place. I’m not sure why but whenever I travel my hair always gets tuggy and into a knot so I always try and braid it so it stay put.

*Little tip for you guys – Whenever you get samples, either perfume or skincare ones. Make sure you keep them, because you can use them up whenever you go traveling.


  • Laptop & Phone –  I keep my laptop with my hang luggage, it keeps it safe in case my checked luggage gets lost and prevents it from getting damaged. Also I like catching up with emails and blog posts.
  • Camera & Battery – I always get asked about the camera I use for my pictures and the majority of my pictures are taken from a Sony A5100. Literally the best compact SLR camera! Highly recommend it. I’ve also got a spare battery with me, they’re both fully charged in case I don’t have time to charge up my camera.
  • Chargers, Adapter & Earphones – I’ve got a universal adapter that holds 3 USB ports, this is amazing for traveling, you can charge your phone, camera & Ipad. I got it from Asos for £23. I also have my cables for my phone and camera and I have also popped my laptop charger in my bag. I decided to take my earphones because it’s too uncomfortable taking my Beats with me and plus it takes so much room in my handbag.


  • Passport & Visa
  • Boarding Pass
  • Hotel Confirmations

Other Hang Luggage Needs

  • Scarf/Shawl – I know I must not be the only one but do you ever end up sitting next to someone and they decide to pu their AC on full blast, and you start to end up catching some of that air. I like being comfortable when I’m travelling, I know you can get blankets on the plane but I would prefer to have my own little scarf. I normally just wear the scarf and save me having to carry it in my hand luggage.
  • Slides – I normally wear trainers to the airport and then take an extra pair of slides in case I want to let my feet breathe a little.
  • Wet Wipes & Hand Sanitizer – To keep clean, I’ve also got some wet wipes and some hand sanitizer.
  • Sunglasses

Document Wallets, Cabin Luggage Ideas

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.27.06.png

I recently purchase the Le Pliage Large Tote bag with the long handles in Gun Metal with the yellow accents. It is literally the perfect travel handbag. It can fit all of the above items!





Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.33.24.pngIf you’re looking for a wallet that can hold all your documents, including your passport, boarding pass, money, print outs then this wallet is perfect. It is the Classic Travel Wallet by Aspinal of London, made just for travelling. How perfect!

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.44.46.png


If you’re someone who’s looking for a cabin trolley, this one would be perfect, especially because you can keep your items organised. It’s by Tripp, such a well known company for travel luggage, as their items are so lightweight.

Hope you enjoyed this read 🙂

Sincerely Sophs x

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