Healthy Steamed Haddock | Flavourful | Leafy Green Salad | Mixed Veg

This is probably the most quickest and easiest way to make an healthy fish dinner and making sure it is still packed with lots of flavour.
My Healthy Steamed Haddock is seasoned with some mixed spices and served with a leafy green salad and a side of roast potatoes but you could always switch it with some other types of mixed veg.


2 Haddock Fillets (Protein: 21g, 89Kcal)
2 Sprigs of Spring Onions – Sliced
1 Red/Green Chilli – Sliced
1/4 Lime – Halved
Handful of Chopped Coriander
1tsp of mixed spice (cumin, coriander seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leafs)
1tsp of red chilli flakes
1/2 tsp crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
1tbsp of EVOO

PREHEAT OVEN at Gas Mark 6 /400 Degrees F/ 200 Degrees C


  1. Season your haddock fillet with the mixed spice, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Make sure you rub it into both sides of the fish.
  2. Line a deep baking tray with foil and place your fish on top.
  3. Drizzle the fish with the olive oil and then garnish the fish with the coriander, spring onions and sliced chilli. Also squeeze a little of the juice from the limes overs the fish.
  4. Wrap the fish up with the foil just like the image above, making sure there is no room for any air to leave the parcel.
  5. Pour a little water into the baking tray making sure it doesn’t seep into the fish parcel. The water will be used to create steam in the over to allow the fish to cook.
  6. Pop the fish in the over for 15-20 minutes until the fish just starts to flake. You don’t want your fish to over cook and become tough. Make sure it still looks plump.
  7. Serve your flavourful fish and enjoy with a leafy green salad and some mixed veg.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and make sure to tag me in any pictures when you make it.

Sincerely Sophs x

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