8 Week Booty Builder Fitness Programme – NOW AVAILABLE

I remember when I was younger, before I went to the gym, before I had any mass on me, I was skinny, my skinny jeans looked like mom jeans on me, I had them secured at the top with a belt so they wouldn’t fall done, I had no hips, not even a bum to hold up the jeans. The jeans always sagged near my bum area, my thighs wouldn’t even fill out my jeans, that’s how bad it was. 

Even when I would wear dresses, they would be baggy on me, nothing really looked flattering on me because I had no shape what so ever to my body.

Eating loads never helped as my metabolic rate has always been quite fast. Nothing worked for me, until I started weight training. Over the years I have learned a lot in terms of weight training and a balanced diet. I have now got a body that I have completely fallen in love with, I fill out my jeans so perfectly, in fact I have went up a size which makes me so happy, because clothes look good on me now. I have a figure, but most importantly I have an ass. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a booty and toned legs, I changed my workout routine a number of times trying to get an understanding on how to target every muscle in my glutes and in my legs. 

The Booty Builder

I have successfully created another fitness programme to target the booty. Don’t worry, you’ll be tagging your pictures in 8 weeks time with #BootyGoals. 

This 8 Week Booty Builder will literally transform your lower body and also help with your core strength. It includes a day to day workout routine for 8 full weeks, each week has 3 training days, one day focused on your hamstrings, then your quads and your glutes. You can’t build a booty without building strength in your legs this is why we are training the hamstrings and quads, this will also make your legs look more defined and toned.

If you struggle with hip dips, dimples in your bum or thighs and most importantly struggle to build your booty, then this programme will for sure help you.

The programme also includes a full section based on your nutrition. It will explain in detail how to plan out your meals, I have given an example based on my diet, my weight and metabolic rate. This will most likely not work for you as I have used all my details but you can easily replace the figures with your own weight and what works for you. If you are struggling in any way with the workouts or need any assistance with calculating the amount of nutrition required each day then you can always get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.

The training programme requires you to use a lot of different types of equipment, which you can easily find at the gym. If you are unable to get to the gym you can still do the workouts at home, but you are required to invest in some good equipment. You will not be able to do this programme without the use of weights as you need to build the mass in your lower body, which requires you to use challenging weights and not your bodyweight.


This programme offers fitness and nutritional information and has been created for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional as I am neither. I advise you to take full responsibility for your safety and please understand your limits. Do not lift heavy weights if you are injured or inexperienced always build yourself up slowly. Please seek advice from a physician or doctor before attempting the programme if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes and also if you are overweight. The use of any information provided in this programme is solely at your own risk.


The 8 Week Booty Builder Fitness Programme is sent as a PDF file, which is easy to download and print or download to access it on your mobile device/laptop. Please allow 2-3 working days after date of purchase for you to receive your fitness programme.  No refunds allowed.


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Any further queries, drop me a message.

Sincerely Sophs x

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