Ramadan Day 2 – Let The Hunger Games

Daily Dua

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِي ذَنْبِي كُلَّهُ، دِقَّهُ وَجِلَّهُ، وَأَوَّلَهُ وَآخِرَهُ وَعَلَانِيَتَهُ وَسِرَّهُ

O Allah, forgive me all my sins, great and small, the first and the last, those that are apparent and those that are hidden.

A Dua to recite when asking for forgiveness.

Suhoor – sehri ends 3.51am

In the early hours for suhoor I had poached eggs & toast and then I slept for a bit and then woke back up at 3.30am and had some weetabix. I tried my best to have as much water as possible but I literally could not have any, I started to feel more and more bloated.

Today I felt it! I don’t believe in sleeping during your fast but today I had to. I slept the last 30 minutes because my energy had completely gone. Apart from that the day went really well. I can’t complain, I spent it with my nephews and trust me they keep you going. The oldest Isa is in his terrible twos phase and he loves attention, he wants you constantly chasing after him, if you aren’t chasing him he’s throwing a tantrum and then there’s the 5 month old one, Musa, is such an easy relaxed baby. He is such an easy baby, he’ll just sit there and watch all the commotion happen around him.

I did today’s food shop and I’m telling you it’s the worst thing to do when you’re fasting. Literally everything looks good to you, even things you’ve never liked before can look like the best looking thing you’ve you’ve set eyes on in a long time. But I kept my cool, I only picked up things we needed for the house, which was the usual, fruit, dates, fruit juice, bread, eggs, milk and maybe on or two treats.


I was pretty much at home for the full day and I spent as much time as possible praying. I read a few saparas (juz) and went over some suraats again. I still haven’t got round to memorising a new surat today. There’s some surats that I memorised when I was young and when I try to re memorise it, I keep jumbling everything up, especially because I knew it all so I start mixing things up and it gets so frustrating. The older you get the more difficult it becomes to memorise things so I’de definitely recommend to memorise as much as you can while you’re still young, because it will be very very hard, trust me! There’s this really good app that I want to talk about called Quran Pro. I use this app when I’m listening to the Quran whilst driving but I also came across the Quran translated in English within the app, but the best thing about that is it has the meaning below it as well. Even though the Quran can be translated in English, it can still be hard to understand the meaning behind it. So each part of the Quran is explained, which is so good, and you can easily read over it and expand your knowledge in understanding different parts of Islam.

Iftaar – 9.17pm

All I had for iftaar was some dates, some fruit, one samosa, one aloo tikka and one pakora. My stomach has already shrunk! There wasn’t even any hunger there, that small plate of food was enough for me.

After iftaar I had enough energy to make a trip to the gym. Today was leg day so I got a good session and surprisingly my strength was all there. In fact my friend got me listening to Mufti Menk – Knowledge of Islam on Apple Music and the way he talks is so powerful. It’s actually very motivating because he talks about basic every day situations and our actions and meanings and it just gives you strength and full control of yourself. I know this may not make any sense what so ever but try listening to him and you’ll get where I’m from.

Hope you had a blessed day 2 of Ramadan!

Quran Pro – English Translation of Quran and Meaning
Rainbow Quran
Poached Eggs on a bed of sautéed spinach and toast with sundried tomato paste. Grilled cherry vine tomatoes, freshly chopped basil and fresh mozzarella .

Sincerely Sophs x

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