The Best Way To Burn The Most Calories

One of the best exercises is running. If you’re trying to burn a lot of calories, I would highly recommend running and it also has other great benefits other than physical health, such as your mental health. There are also plenty of other workouts you can consider.

  • Running
  • Sprints
  • Cycling
  • Skipping
  • Swimming

There are so many fantastic reasons to working out that have nothing to do with burning calories or weight loss such as it can increase your energy levels, helps with brain health, your sleep quality and many more. If your goal is to strictly only lose weight, that’s totally fine, but it’s important to look after your health and not overdo it.

All types of physical activities has a MET – Which is a measure of the amount of energy it takes to complete. MET is based off how many millilitres of oxygen a person consumes per KG of bodyweight while doing any specific activities.

The amount of calories you burn during a particular workout depends on a variety of factors. A persons bodyweight, body fat percentage, age, physical fitness, genetics and the environments condition can impact how many calories a person burns. 

In fact you can find over 800 different activities in The Compendium of Physical Activities, from walking, running, dancing, carrying groceries and lots more. 

It’s quite easy to calculate a rough estimate of how many calories a minute a person should burn doing an activity, just as long as you know the MET value of that particular activity (which you can find in the above link), the duration of the activity and some basic information about the person participating, ie: bodyweight.

[ METs x 3.5 x BW (kg) / 200 =  Kcal/min (calories burned per minute) ]
[ Kcal/min x TIME = Kcal burned during full workout ]

My bodyweight is 49kg = 108 pounds
Swimming laps for 1 hour (MET value for swimming is 9.8, found on the above link)
9.8 x 3.5 x 49 / 200 = 8.4 Kcal/min (calories burned per minute)
8.4 x 60 = 504 Kcal burned during 1 hour of doing swimming laps

One pound of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories of energy. 

So say if I had to burn 1 stone which equals 14 pounds, I would divide the calories per minute into  3,500 which will give you the sum of calories burned in 1 pound of fat, then times that value by 14 to get the sum of the amount of calories you need to burn in 14 pounds or 1 stone by doing swimming. 

[ 3,500 / kcal/min = time to burn one pound of fat ]

3,500 / 8.4 = 417 minutes of swimming to burn 1 pound of fat
417 x 14 = 5,838 minutes of swimming to burn a stone 
97 hours of swimming laps to burn a stone

Here are other examples of how many hours it would take to burn a stone doing a certain activity .
77 hours of skipping to burn a stone
119 hours of jogging to burn a stone
(these figures are based on my own bodyweight)

Here is the MET value for some of the most popular workouts

  • 23.0 – Running 14mph
  • 15.0 – Running up stairs
  • 14.0 – Cycling up mountain
  • 13.3 – Running a marathon
  • 12.3 – Rope skipping
  • 9.8 – Swimming laps, effort
  • 9.0 – Stair master
  • 8.0 – Football, competitive
  • 7.8 – Boxing, sparring
  • 7.3 – Tennis, general
  • 7.0 – Jogging, general
  • 6.8 – Cycling, general
  • 5.3 – Hiking or walking up hill
  • 4.3 – Walking, energetic speed

Sincerely Sophs x

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