About Me
My name is Sophie, I am from Glasgow & I am a writer on all things ‘beauty, fashion & lifestyle’ related.
On my blog you will find reviews on beauty products such as make-up, haircare, skincare as well as swatches on different make-uo products. I will also be letting you in on my beauty secrets, monthly favourites and different ways to stay healthy and in good shape.
I have always been obsessed with beauty products since I was a little girl. Then one day I was browsing on the net and I came across several beauty gurus on youtube and several beauty blogs and since then I’ve always wanted to be able to give my opinions on different products and share with you and insight in my beauty world. So a few years down the line I thought I would start up my own blog, at the beginning I did find it quite difficult with keeping my posts up on a regular basis but now I love the fact that I joined the blogging world. This has become a hobbie and it’s nice that I am always getting feedback on my posts.
I love socialising with different people, this is one of the many upsides about having a blog, you get to meet different people and have a good old blether about each others make-up bag. I like going to restaurants, dessert places, I enjoy reading, doing my nails, long walks in the park, going to the gym, cooking, traveling, shopping!
Everything I write about is either from my own experience or my honest opinions. If I were to talk about a certain product and you don’t agree with my opinion then I am not sorry this is my own honest opinion I would not rave about anything I do not like or even recommend anything to you if I think it was rubbish*.
sophie x